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The Chain/ The Veil

Artist Statement

Lauren Bassett Art

For a long time, I have allowed my past experiences to haunt me, manipulate my decisions and ultimately make me doubt my own existence. I need to accept, reflect and let go of my past in order to heal, even if with that reflection comes pain.  

Each link in this chain represents each day of my past. I have created 12,040 individual links in this continuous chain, symbolizing every day of my 33-year life. The connection between each link, or each day, visualizes the chain reaction of thoughts, behaviors and consequences that have led me to this point in the present. A point where I am finally able to let go and move forward into the future. A point in life where I no longer allow my past to weigh me down and keep me from following my dreams and passions. 

The chain is a veil that conceals, distracts and distorts my personal outlook on life. This veil skews others’ perspective of me, only allowing them to see my past, my wounds, my chain. The chain has not let the real world see who I really am, only the façade that I have created. I want change. I need people to see the real me, who I have become and how my past has made me stronger and more confident than ever before. However, that can only begin with me, tearing away the façade, removing the veil.  

During this performance I deliberately remove what has demoralized me for so long, my past. It is a gruesome act of pulling my skin, making it stretch, causing distress until the chain is finally gone. The chain must be removed no matter what the consequences, no matter how much it hurts or the scars it leaves behind. In time, the pain will subside, and the scars will heal. 

This performance is not only an opportunity for self-reflection, but an opportunity to invite friends, family and loved ones to be participants in this process and witness my transformation. A ritualistic and ceremonial act of removing this chain that has impaired my outlook on life for so long. A celebration of reflection, letting go of the past and the pain, and having a new perspective on life.